Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications and experience do I need to apply for the course?

It is not compulsory for applicants to have had previous experience in a Steiner School. However, it is essential that promising applicants are given or make the opportunity to experience Steiner Waldorf Education in action in a school before they are interviewed and accepted onto the course. Promising applicants are therefore selected to attend a week long interview visit to Michael Hall, during which they observe classes,  teachers and the school in action before being interviewed. This makes for a clearer understanding and basis for a commitment to this two year programme.

Candidates applying to train as Class Teachers (ages 6-14) need to have had a good general education and to have developed sound skills in Maths and English. Music, Drama and the visual arts play an important part in the work of the class teacher and therefore training/experience or skills in one or more of these areas is desirable. All the core subjects in addition to History, Geography and Science are taught by the Class Teacher and it is therefore important that candidates have a lively interest in the world and an enthusiasm and commitment for learning.

Can I train as a subject teacher and what qualifications are needed?

Students can apply to train as teachers of particular subjects like Foreign Languages. There are limited places available and proven ability/training is required. Applicants wishing to work in the Middle and Upper School are required to have a degree in their specialist subject as they may well be expected to teach to GCSE and A level.

Can I train as an Early Years Teacher?

The structure of the morning in the Kindergarten differs from that of the Lower, Middle and Upper School. It demands that teachers, helpers and students are present throughout the morning. As our course depends upon the availability of students after the Main Lesson, we are currently not able to offer an Early Years training. Some observational experience of the Early Years is offered as part of the Class Teacher Training.

Can I train as an Upper School Teacher and what qualifications are needed?

We do consider applicants wishing to train as Upper School teachers. A degree in your specialist subject is required as you will be expected to teach GCSE and A level courses.

Can the course be undertaken on a part-time basis?

The course cannot be undertaken on a part-time basis. There are several part-time courses available, details of which can be obtained through the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship.

Will there be a job for me at Michael Hall when I graduate?

Graduates of the Heart of Teaching Course are welcome to apply to be considered for any available posts at Michael Hall. However their applications will be considered alongside all other applications.

Is the training recognised by other Waldorf Schools in the country?

Michael Hall’s training is recognised for providing, not only the theoretical training necessary, but also considerable “hands on” practical experience in the classroom, together with outstanding mentoring and teaching from experienced staff. Our graduates have been employed at a number of schools since the start of the course in 2008.

Will I receive a certificate on completion of the course?

Students who successfully complete the course receive a certificate of course completion. Providing they complete one full year as a probationary teacher within three years of graduating, students can then apply to The Heart of Teaching for a diploma in Steiner Waldorf Education.

Will I be able to work overseas having trained at Michael Hall?

We offer places only to applicants who intend to teach in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. There are other Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training Courses in this country which may be able to accept students who plan to teach in other countries. Details of such courses can be obtained from the SWSF (Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship).

Does the school offer living accommodation for students whilst they train?

The school has no student teacher accommodation. There is some rental accommodation available in Forest Row and in the town of East Grinstead, some 4 miles away.

Can I work to earn money whilst I train?

The course is a demanding one, with a certain amount of evening preparation required. Students are required to attend from 8am until 4pm on weekdays and in addition are expected to attend meetings and school events.

Can I commute from London whilst I train?

The demands of the course mean that we advise all students to live within the local community or within easy travelling distance of the school.

Can my children attend Michael Hall whilst I train?

If you wish your child/children to attend Michael Hall whilst you are a student on the course, you must complete a pupil application form, available through the school’s admissions office. This will be processed in the normal way.


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