Hear from the Tutors

The living nerve of Steiner Waldorf education is that the teachers are constantly striving, individually and together, to deepen their understanding of the developing human being. The shared study of Rudolf Steiner’s seminal works on education feels like a weekly gift of energy and aspiration to each participant. Sharing experience of meditative techniques and exercises gives us tools for this vitalizing inner work.

William Forward – Course co-leader, Steiner Waldorf study instructor


The students are undergoing a process of transformation alongside others who are sharing their struggles and that provides a body of support for what is an intense programme. The timetable is set up in a way that allows the student teachers to develop all of the qualities that allow them to be effective in the classroom. The standards and expectations are very high and the lessons are carefully designed to facilitate the students meeting these standards. As a consequence the accreditation is highly regarded by Waldorf settings.

Martin Schmandt – Blackboard drawing and Speech Instructor


The Heart of Teaching course is outstanding for the experiential possibilities it offers to student teachers, who are enabled to learn through doing and not by solely by studying texts, and this is also true of the Painting course. Guiding students through an eight year painting curriculum over a period of two years is a joyful experience for the tutor, who observes adults who may have no knowledge of the techniques, or the substance behind them, gradually blossom into teachers capable of stepping into a classroom with confidence.

Virginia Westlake – Painting Instructor

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