Hear from the Graduates

The quality of instruction was outstanding. Having already completed a desk based Waldorf training course I was knowledgeable about the curriculum but lacked the vital experience of actually being in the classroom. I gained a new insight of the pupil’s perspective, experiencing what it felt like to be a student with my weaknesses supported and my strengths encouraged.

Emmeline Hawker – graduated 2011

It was the best decision I ever made to embark on the HOT training course. Not only did I learn how to be a good Waldorf teacher, I had so much classroom experience that I built confidence and ‘muscle strength’ to step into my first class teacher role in September 2015.

Miriam Kuikman- Graduated 2015


It was a very exciting learning environment that nurtured my wish to become an inspiring class teacher. The breadth of the instruction and the classroom experiences gives such a unique insight into the experience of the children that one emerges feeling ready to teach. There was great camaraderie and mutual support, I made long standing friends.

Vanessa King – Graduated 2013


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